Nūn Tie Pin

Price: $25.00


Nūn Tie Pin


Show your true colors and wear the Sign of The Nazarene with pride.


The letter nūn is the ninth letter of the Arabic alphabet. It is also the symbol that ISIS sympathizers painted on Christian homes in Syria and Iraq to let ISIS know where to find them. “Nasri” or “Nazarene” is a term hurled as an insult when negatively referring to Christians. Similar to the way that the yellow Star of David was used by the Nazis in World War II to identify Jews, the nūn became a symbol of death, terror and persecution for Christians under ISIS’s reign.

In act of defiance, The Nazarene took this mark as its own, resurrecting it mean “life,” “safety,” and “hope.”


A guaranteed conversation starter, this elegant tie pin with embossed gold-colored lettering on a background Nazarene Fund orange will let the world know where you stand.


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